Otto wa shiranai, tsuma no netorare shakkin hens

Release Year: 2021
Studio: survive more
Genres: Anal,Big boobs,masturbation,Uralsk,orgy,Cartoons
Video language: Japanese

Circle "Lyric Box" original CG collection "My husband doesn't know, my wife's netorare debt repayment" is made into a motion animation! !! Practicality is increased by 150% by making motion animation! It moves sensually! !!

◇ Synopsis
A large amount of debt from an unfortunate accident You and your wife have carried it on your back. Every day I'm tired of being chased by debt repayment. The president of a bank that offers you a helping hand. With financial support from banks You were fortunate enough to get over the crisis. However, her husband was not informed. A secret deal between my wife and that man--

◇ Character
Wife CV: Haruka (Haruka)
It's been her 4th year since she married her husband. She is currently disappearing. A traffic accident caused by her husband injured a pedestrian. She decides to pay a large amount of compensation and medical expenses. Therefore, where the repayment due to debt has been delayed, the bank I was able to help, and I survived the immediate crisis, Overnight to a man in a secret deal with a man who is the president of a bank To entrust her body ...

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Duration: 31:22
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

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